How it works


Prof. Michael Sagmeister presents his online JazzGuitarAcademy

Learn jazz guitar in online lessons, 24/7 available and choose your individual practice time. All students, whether they are beginner, advanced or professionals, will get ideal tuition and suitable support. If you want to play an entrance exam at music-university, this is your ideal support!



– pentatonic minorscale, minor bluesscale, major scale, chord voicings, right hand, modal accompanies, triad combinations, harmonic minor scale, melodic minor scale, II-V-I,  lick library (…)

– concepts for your improvisation

downloadable sheet music, tabs, chorddiagramms and backing tracks different speed

Basic Programm  – to get started!

– special „Play with Michael“ videos – Michael will accompany your solo playing

be Michaels solo guitarist

– all teaching units will be seen in english and german language

– ideal for entrance exame preparation

Because of the continuous input and individual time-independent work you will get an optimum of learning and progress.